Harsh Reality For Maple Leaf Nation

Your never as good as your last win or as bad as your last loss, or so the addage goes. I guess for the Toronto Maple Leafs, your never as good as your last loss or as bad as your last brutal loss is more appropriate.

Winless in 8. Don’t know of anyone who called that as a start but it’s about the finish any ways right?

We have heard lots of interesting theories since this season became one big losing streak, too many penalties, too many exhibition games, not enough practices, too much pressure… And of course shitty goaltending.

The predictions from most prognastercaters was that the leafs would finish anywhere from 12th to 6th. I say again most. Brian Burke improved the back end, Toskala and Gustavsson would be a better tandum, some skill guys like a few college kids and a GM with some brains should keep them sniffing around the playoffs.

Perhaps it’s time we look at the harsh reality that maybe, just maybe these guys just aren’t very good. Now that’s not to suggest that they are 0 and 8 bad, but perhaps they are just not all that anyone really thought they were.

I know it’s still kind of early. Not much is usually relevant until games in the 15-20 mark, but perhaps the team is getting the performances out of individuals that’s to be expected. Maybe not quite this bad, but not as some had fircasted either.

So no they won’t go winless all season, but maybe just maybe Ron Wilson was right, maybe it is going to get worse before it gets any better. Maybe the sooner we accept this team for what it is the better off well be.



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