It Didn’t Take Much To Confirm Leafs Goalies

Stick a fork in Vesa Toskala. Barring injuries, the guy is done as starting goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Hard as it is to imagine, this team plays totally differently in front of Jonas Gustavsson then in front of Tosgoala. Yes it,s a long season, yes he is just a kid, but keep this in mind, Brian Burke can’t afford this team to finish in the lottery. If riding a hot rookie goalie to the promise land of draft embarrassment so be it. Gustavsson is Burke’s best shot at not hearing the Maple Leafs name called out with respect to the first 5 picks in the NHL entry draft.

Almost every singly player played better with Gustavsson in net. Hell, even Jason Blake played well tonight, clearly he doesn’t read the paper but prefers blogs. His performance tonight should make it a lot easier for Burke to deal him 🙂

So the Buds lost in OT tonight to the Dallas Stars in front of about as many people who were at the North Toronto Hockey rink to see my son’s game at 6am last Saturday am. The knives are already out with multiple reports saying something like, the losing starts again. It’s true. There are no moral victories, especially given the Leafs record. The Leafs played a pretty good road game all things considered. It just didn’t amount to much more than 1 pt. In the grand scheme of things, that isn’t going to help much, except that 1 pt now is worth 2 come playoff race time.

In any event, Vesa can take as much time healing as he likes. His Maple Leaf career is as good as over. In Jonas we trust. Our future this year rests on his shoulders.


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