Argos mercifully playing out the string

What’s the difference between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Argonauts?

I’m sorry, that’s a pretty tough one for the end of the work week, but there is one small distinction: the Leafs are getting decent production from their most important position. Kerry Joseph was 14 of 23 for 242 yards last week, though 95 of those yards came on a 95 pass to Jason Carter.

Once again, the Argos’ opponent has more to play for. Edmonton is tied with Winnipeg and Hamilton at 6-9 for the second and third playoff spots in the East division. The problem for Richie Hall & Co. is that they must finish with a better record than either team in order to claim a spot through the cross-over process. If the Eskies lose tonight, and both the Bombers and Tiger-Cats beat the Alouettes and Roughriders respectively, Edmonton will be watching the playoffs on TV.

Joseph knows that though the game doesn’t mean anything in the standings, pride is on the line for his team.

“It would be easy to pack it in, but we don’t have the guys on this team who are going to do that,” he told TSN. “The situation we’re in, it is what it is. We just have to finish the season on a good note.”

Head coach Bart Andrus agrees, knowing what late wins could do for the team next year.

“It would mean we stayed competitive in the late stages of the season,” Andrus said. “We’ve been close over the last couple of weeks. Getting another win helps us as we move forward with what we’re trying to accomplish.”

That seems like a fair assessment, considering the Boatmen lost their last nine games last season. With six straight loses to their name this year, they’re treading a slippery slope if they want to have any optimism for 2010.

-Marc Tessier

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