Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night

College of Sports Media Game of the Night:

There was a time when a game between the Raptors and Grizzlies was an all-Canadian affair. In 2001 the Grizzlies dumped their citizenship, picked up a green card and migrated from Vancouver to Memphis. Although the team has switched homes one thing has stayed the same – the Grizzlies know how to lose. Since joining the NBA in the 1996 season the Grizzlies have a 364-752 record. In fourteen seasons they’ve been over the .500 mark three times. In their first game of the season the Griz got blown out 96-74 by the Detroit Pistons. The team does have some good young talent. OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay are talented ballers, but the duo have only been in the league for a combined four seasons. Rookie Hasheem Thabeet is a raw talent who will provide the team with a defensive presence in the paint. Over the off season the team signed guard Allen Iverson to a one year contract and traded for centre Zach Randolph. Both players lack the skills needed to lead this team (and we’re not talking basketball skills). Does anyone think Iverson will be a positive role model for this teams young talent? Especially in practice? Remember, we’re talking about practice…

The Raptors one the other hand are coming of a huge opening night win over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Andrea Bargnani and Chris Bosh combined for 49 points and the Raps got some great production out of their new acquisitions. Hedo Turkoglu had 12 points, Marco Belinelli had ten and first round draft pick DeMar DeRozan contributed with eight points and five boards. The Raptors added nine new players to the team over the off season and how quickly they all get on the same page will determine who far this team goes. If opening night was any indication this could be the best season yet for the Raptors.

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