Moral victory for Maple Leafs?

It’s hard to believe but so early in the season that was suppposed to be ao different the articles this morning about the Toronto Maple Leafs are full of accolades in which the team lost for the 11th time on 12 outings this season.

Reading that the powerplay was sizzling at 2/7 and that Vesa Toskala had a great game are just a couple of the gems that I have seen ao far.

The good news for me anyways is that Ron Wilson isn’t buying it:

““I could throw out all the cliches, but we still have to find a way to win,” said Leafs coach Ron Wilson. “Which cliche do you want? We never say die, blah, blah blah? We still need to win.”

He’s right, the only stat that says anything right now is 1-11. This team is deadlast. Hell Tank Nation would. Have been happier than hell if this were last year!

Yes they are playing better, but isn’t that more of a result of how badly they were at the very start? I think it is. A loss is a loss is a loss.

Brian Burke said that many players would be shipped out before he made a coaching change. He spoke of delivering a product and a responsibility to fans and sponsors. That, I am sure had nothing to do with moral victories.

The team comes home and their is way more work to be done by the dream team. They have to find a way to get more effective players in the lineup everynight. It’s that simple. Moral victories don’t count.

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