Not A Great Day In Toronto Sports

Leafs lost in OT- another decent effort and now we are counting moral victories. Toskaka tomorrow? Can’t be good.

Raptors lost after being up late. Showing signs tonight of last year. Right now we can say it’s early.

Blue jays announced Cito will be managing again, and that can’t be good for recruitment purposes.

The Fan apparently has decided to retain it’s weakest link Goober Mike Toth, the guy who adds no value at all when he is on air.

All in all a bad day

Here’s to tomorrow


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    With all that happened at the end of the season and knowing that Cito didn’t plan on returning after 2010….the move doesn’t seem to make sense. Or…does the retirement of Tenace and the departure of Arnsberg tell a story? Were they the cause of all of the grief? Another way to look at it is….2010 is a lost cause….Maybe Alex and Beest know that there is no chance that Roy is coming back and they don’t think there are moves or free agents that they can pick up to position the team for success. If that’s the case, look for a drop in payroll for 1-year….Here’s to 2011.

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    Barry Bell 12 years ago

    actually Toth brings a view and insight that ‘s refreshingly different and he interviews well.

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    They should have let Cito go now. He lost the clubhouse at the end of last year, and frankly he made some pretty insane decisions (batting Millar 4th on a regular basis!?!?). I do love the guy for what he did in the early 90s, but I was hoping he’d be gone.

    I watched the Raptors and the Leaf game. Both were downers.

    And yeah, bummer about Toth coming back. I was interested in hearing someone else in the mid morning.

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    I don’t listen to the Fan much anymore, but I like Toth. He’s got a refreshing personality, very different from the typical sports radio guy, and his perspective is also very unusual. He’s also downright entertaining. Sure, he often comes off as pointlessly contrarian, but I dig his sardonic sense of humour. And he clearly loves the game of hockey.