Should the Toronto Raptors honour Vince Carter?

From the Toronto Sun’s Mike Ganter:

“As part of the club’s 15th anniversary celebrations, the Raptors are hoping to honour, of all people, Vince Carter on Nov. 22 when Orlando returns.

”Everybody wants to know how we can do it, but Vince is part of the history here,” GM Bryan Colangelo told the Orlando Sentinel. “Most of the people that he had problems with here are gone.”

Fans who love to bash Vinsanity may differ.”

Personally, I think they should do something, but I’m not certain the fans will really allow it. But seriously, people, can we really not celebrate the best player (by far) in our franchise history? At some point, just let it go. The majority of my best basketball memories involve Vince, and he took the team farther than it’s ever gone.

If it happens, people will boo… But should they?

What’s the right thing to do here?

And will you boo? Or cheer?


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