Andrew Raycroft Should Just Shutup

November 6th. Come on now, if anyone told you that the Toronto Maple Leafs would win their second game of the season on November 6th you’d call them a liar. In any event, given all that has happened to this club in the first month, win number is a relief. Didn’t catch the entire game tonight, saw the Leafs tie it up and then win it. I remain amazed at how far the talent drops off after Keseel up front. I was relieved to see that a guy like Jason Blake actually drove to the net late in the third and then happy for him when he got rewarded with a goal. If you really want to laugh, watch the highlights of Blake goal and keep an eye on his reaction after the goal- he looked up in the air for what seemed like minutes as if to thank Harold Ballard watching from above. If anyone can read lips, please let us know what they hell he mouthed.

Gustavsson kept the boys in the game late, following what sounds like a bit of a soft start. By the way, anyone who is still doubting the pecking order in net, get a load of what Wilson said after the game : “The whole bench gets pretty excited when they see the saves he can pull off.” Ummmmm, how does the whole bench feel when Vesa lets in one of goal a game softies? Me thinks we should get Vesa a few new baseball caps to wear while sitting on the bench, because barring a total collapse or injury- you can stick a fork in his playing days as a Maple Leaf.

I remain quite puzzled with Wilson’s love affair right now with Beauchemin. He is giving the guy way more than the benefit of the doubt. He has rewarded his, in my opinion, way below par performance with the most ice time. Of all the NHL free agent signings, Beauchemin is the one guy who I am most disappointed with. Late in the game he had a brutal giveaway in his own end and then followed it up with lazy penalty. I know this is a new team. I am prepared to be patient with the guy. They gave him an “A”. I just can’t see how rewarded him with poor play (so far) sends the right message.

Sometimes it’s just better to keep your mouth shut or say, no comment. Most guys in sports get some media training. The wise ones pay attention. The Andrew Raycroft’s clearly don’t:

“I’m still a little confused with the way it ended up in Toronto,” the goaltender said this week. “I know I didn’t have a good season my second season there, but I never really understood why no one really liked me.”

Geez Andrew, I don’t know why either.

2006–07 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 72 37 25 — 9 4108 205 2 2.99 .894 — — — — — — — —
2007–08 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 19 2 9 — 5 964 63 1 3.92 .876 — — — — — — — —

I wonder if those numbers have anything to do with how things ended up here. I know he isn’t the only one to blame for the results, but he certainly didn’t help the team or his own cause. The bigger question is why he would ever say something like that. Why not just say….nothing….?

“When asked if it was his comment that he doesn’t actually watch NHL games on television, Raycroft said he was aware that the remark didn’t go over well with Leaf fans.”

“My wife doesn’t let me watch hockey,” he said. “I’m on the road 100 days per year. When I’m at home, I can’t sit around watching hockey all night. I want to hang out with my family. It’s not that I don’t love the game or love my job. That’s what people interpreted. I never really made a point to go back on it. It’s what I said. It came out of my mouth. And I guess that’s what I don’t understand, that people would think I don’t love what I do.”

Personally I could care less what a goalie does in his spare time. He isn’t paid to analyze, that’s why we have guys like Stay at Home Berger, who watch countless of hours when he isn’t at the arena- OH SHIT- he doesn’t either!!! Really though, if Raycroft were winning games, would anyone care what he was doing away from the rink? My expectations are pretty simple, a guy works hard and does his homework at the arena. That he does what ever little things he needs to be at the top of his game. If relaxing with his family helps him prepare and in turn win games I don’t care. Again, why he even bother opening your mouth? If opening it before got you in trouble, wouldn’t it be a normal response to say nothing??!!

You can read the rest of the interview with Raycroft in the Globe and Mail. It’s pretty funny actually.

Oh well, big game tomorrow for the Blue and White. Let’s hope everyone we need is healthy and that Kessel get’s goal number one in win #3.



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