Sunday Maple Leafs Wrap Up

Quick tour around on the night after a huge win vs the beast, Detroit Red Wings.

“I see people who I have always admired for their work within and on behalf of the union, good people who have worked together for a common, necessary and progressive agenda in a time in which the NHL has amassed more management power than any time since the 1960s, I see people like Ian Penny, Steve Larmer, Glen Healy, Eric Lindros and Chris Chelios cannibalizing one another, and I quite frankly couldn’t be more sad about it.”

is that cause your sources are soon going to be out of loop Larry? The biggest union topologist is sad??? does anyone care?

Still with Brooks, I love this gem?:

“I’m sorry, but Phil Kessel became Frank Mahovlich, when?”

Umm, right after you won your first Pulitzer. No seriously, who – no really, who is labeling Kessel the savior??? The media is way more gaga over Kessel then Leaf fan is…

You see this from Damien Cox?:

“Much of that is owed to Gustavsson, possibly a genuine Calder Trophy candidate. He’s a wall along the goal line and in 462 minutes of NHL play has yet to give up a soft goal.”

If any fan mentioned Calder and Gustavsson in the same sentence ,the fan would have been all over them.. No Cox is saying it himself????

No, i’ts not just Leaf fans who liked what they saw from Kessel so far:

“Kessel off and running
An absolutely electrifying season debut Tuesday for Phil Kessel in Toronto’s blue-and-white silks. Back from offseason shoulder surgery, he darted around the ice as if he hadn’t played a game since May (well . . .), and though he didn’t record a point, he landed a career-high 10 shots in a 2-1 OT loss to Tampa. Seven more of his shots were blocked. Leaf fans hadn’t seen that kind of excitement since the likes of Alexander Mogilny or Mats Sundin (makes one wonder when they’ll have a good Canadian-born lad work them into a lather). Frightening, though, to see the ex-Bruin transition toward the offensive end, with head down, and get smoked by a thunderous straight-on check from Tampa defenseman Mattias Ohlund in the first period. “Clean hit, he got me good,’’ said Kessel, who needed a couple of minutes in the dressing room to gather himself and return only slightly worse for wear (cut lip). Kessel’s play was far bolder and more relaxed than anything we saw of him in Boston – reminiscent of Joe Thornton’s first few games with the Sharks when Jumbo flashed unfamiliar speed and zeal in the offensive end. If that’s the Kessel the Leafs get every night, they’ll have the best bargain in the NHL, even at $5.4 million a year and the possibility of yielding the No. 1 draft pick to Boston next June. Thornton has continued to be pretty much the same player who infuriated Boston management. Kessel is young enough (22) to keep pushing the envelope, and it looks as if coach Ron Wilson will make him a permanent fixture on the left half-wall for power-play duty. His development, or stagnation, will be fascinating to watch.”

That’s from Kevin Paul Dupot. Hard to say anything after 2-3 games about the trade itself. We do know this, when he is on the ice, he is so far above and beyond the next best maple leaf that it’s scary.

From Simmons:

“The minute by- minute Phil Kessel updates, what he ate for lunch, how many shots on goal he had at practice, how many towels he uses, are a little much and a whole lot over the top. One word to remember people: Perspective …. ”

People??? umm who is reporting all Kellse all the time??????

“What a terrible hockey market Long Island is. The Islanders are actually winning games, John Tavares is contributing and the Isles still aren’t drawing”

I thought this was all about a lousy arena deal? I don’t remember the deispute about being much less than that. If the arena sucks, one can imagine how years of mismanagement would stop the fans from coming out. When you build the arena that is why people come right???

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