A Look At The Mark Messier Cascade M11 Helmet

here is a cool video on the new helmet:

cascade helmet

word is that the Marlies are going to try it.


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    Benjamin11 years ago

    I think it’s ugly. I saw Avery wearing one, which means now it’s dead and nobody will ever wear it again.

    It’s a great idea, but can’t they make it look… normal?

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    I went to the site…they boast some encouraging stats (hopefully truthful and based on proper testing)…Why isn’t it being used? Certainly Benjamin’s suggestion that it’s ugly isn’t the reason….

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    @ Benjamin – wouldn’t the whole league jump on it after Avery stops using it?

    Surely his old helmet would be treated the same as his old girlfriend? 😉

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    it’s a huge improvement from the first generation of concussion preventative helmets. I think they’ve done a decent job of lifting the image barrier. Now if the NHL would just change the shoulder and elbow pads so they won’t inflict so much damage then the incidence of concussion should go way down.

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    This helmet fits awesome! I’ve always had problems with helmets, but when I put this one on, I felt like they’ve custom-made it for me! Last night spoke with another guy – he had the same feeling! Awesome helmet!