What Should Brian Burke Do?

Wow, was it ugly early tonight. Right after another delayed start to honour the 1980’s Toronto maple leafs, the game ended. Before glass tiger front man sang oh Canada it was 2-0 and Colton Orr and Jamal myerss were in 2 staged fights. In a flash it was 3-1 and that was that.

3 and 15.

3 and 15!!!!

Has this team hit bottom yet? Is there any reason for hope?

Here, is the question leafs fans, we got the Gm everyone said we needed. What should Brian Burke do? Forget what he will do, what do you think he should do?

The reality I think is that he can’t make a trade right now. He will only overpay.. Does he throw vets to the minors? Does he call up kids? How much longer can Burke sit idly by and watch this train wreck? He must to a degree feel totally powerless. What’s a man to do?

Personally, I think the problem is one of perception. I think Burke should have kept selling extreme patience, I think people wouldn’t mind losing if there was a solid core of kids playing hard and learning. He went out and brought in vets and none withthe exception of Kessel has shown anything. What, it would seem is the point???????

So, your Burke, what would you do?

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Garrett Bauman
November 15, 2009 12:38 am

At this point I would be looking to play the kids. At this point, really, how could it hurt?

Hanson and Stalberg are relatively easy to call up and insert into the lineup; Bozak is a different story due to his cap number.

Then again, for those three to come up, three would have to go down … memo to Jason Blake: the good news is at least you won’t have to move. Wallin wouldn’t be missed by many fans, and although he seemed to wake up tonight, Mayers on the whole just hasn’t been a fit under Ron Wilson.

For Mayers in particular, it might be worth a shot for Burke to put him through waivers and see if there would be any takers. At half the contract (700k roughly, expires this offseason) on re-entry, there likely would be teams interested.

Finding a way to keep Gunnarsson up once Komisarek comes back would be worthwhile also … can never have too many mobile puck-movers on the blueline. One of Exelby or Finger would have to go to make that work, probably Exelby as he (quite frankly) has only had a minimal impact.

November 15, 2009 2:06 am

Burke should sucker punch Johnny Bower, that way he’d get his money and MLSE would save face by firing him………..I mean nobody fucks with Johnny

November 15, 2009 10:08 am

You may disagree with me but…my opinion is that their biggest problem is up the middle. The wingers aren’t as bad as you may think…none of them have a centre that can win faceoffs and lead the play. So, what does that mean? It means you have to wait for the off season to solve the real problem (guys like Marleau and Savard are UFA’s). Back to the question at hand. TSM is right, you can’t make a trade – we don’t have much to move and what we have we need to keep (Kessel, Kadri etc…). So, Brian needs a short term fix – his only goal now is to not finish in the bottom 5. What should he do? I too would give a couple of kids a shot…Let’s see what they can do…also, remember the climate of competition that Burke spoke about? Well….having a few guys demoted or benched for the kids might make them hungry again. I too would start with Hanson and Stalberg but what about newly acquired vet center Mike Zigomanis? He has 13 assists in 7 games…surely he’s worth a shot. Any use in bringing in Shanahan at this point? Any other vets (no, not Jason Allison)?

November 15, 2009 12:41 pm

Zigomanis was with the Marlies on a tryout. I heard on 640 he signed a deal in Sweden. Not sure which team.
Jason Allison IS smiling somewhere right now, though. I can’t figure out how he doesn’t add to the skill level.

November 16, 2009 9:38 pm

He should put on a monkey suit and sell peanuts downtown.

He’s already botched up the future of this team by trading away the 1st round picks when he really didn’t have to but he’s a monkey for the board of MLSE who’s only concern is getting this team into the playoffs so that they can make more $$$ at the end of the year.

April 11, 2010 2:31 am

I think the leafs should do some big moves this offseason i think


need to go hanson hasnt proven hes nhl ready and finger is a scratch
and getting like 3 million year to much and exelby doesnt even
want to be here so we should deffinity trade or let go these players to get
some more cap room.

I think we should trade kaberle before the draft get top six forward
boston and vancouver would be interested in him his NTC will be gone
and they have some good forward we could grab on those teams.

theres alot of ufa this offseason that are decent but this is what
i like for future lines.

Nikolai Kulemin Tyler Bozak Phil Kessel

Viktor Stalberg nazem kadri Marek Svatos

Raffi Torres Mikhail Grabovski Luca Caputi

Colton Orr John Mitchell Fredrik Sjostrom

Dion Phaneuf Francois Beauchemin

Mike Komisarek Carl Gunnarsson

Luke Schenn Keith Aulie

Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Jonas Gustavsson

James Reimer

i think svatos is a great player fast and can score i think would be great
with kadri kessel and the hole group and torres he can score but hes a big
presents and can play how burke like the team to play bring uup aulie he won
gold in juniors and has a big presents and james reimer i think he will be
great in the future and mabye even add plekanic into all of this is burke
wants him.

if they do this they will be a young fast hard hitting team witch is what
burke likes and i think they will be great in the eastern conf.

are defence is big and hard hitting i think will do great.
are goalies i think are stacked got gigy to lead the way and teach reimer and monster.

are forwards are young and fast i think would have great chemistry.

plakanic would be another good guy to grab but i think leafs should try to get bobby ryan i kno alot of players want to leave the ducks and burkes cool with ryan and him and kessel would be great i would try to taungay would be decent to try also.

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