What Should Brian Burke Do?

Wow, was it ugly early tonight. Right after another delayed start to honour the 1980’s Toronto maple leafs, the game ended. Before glass tiger front man sang oh Canada it was 2-0 and Colton Orr and Jamal myerss were in 2 staged fights. In a flash it was 3-1 and that was that.

3 and 15.

3 and 15!!!!

Has this team hit bottom yet? Is there any reason for hope?

Here, is the question leafs fans, we got the Gm everyone said we needed. What should Brian Burke do? Forget what he will do, what do you think he should do?

The reality I think is that he can’t make a trade right now. He will only overpay.. Does he throw vets to the minors? Does he call up kids? How much longer can Burke sit idly by and watch this train wreck? He must to a degree feel totally powerless. What’s a man to do?

Personally, I think the problem is one of perception. I think Burke should have kept selling extreme patience, I think people wouldn’t mind losing if there was a solid core of kids playing hard and learning. He went out and brought in vets and none withthe exception of Kessel has shown anything. What, it would seem is the point???????

So, your Burke, what would you do?

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