Loss To Senators Hurts Badly

Irrespective of the record, a win tonight was a must. The Toronto Maple Leafs have to find ways to beat the Ottawa Senators. Losing to them is unacceptable. So you can imagine my disapointment when I got into my Orlando hotel to learn that the buds had lost to the sens.

Is anyone else finding it hard to stay focused on the good ship maple leafs these days? I read the papers every day, I listen to the radio shows and watch the highlight shows, but for whatever reason (the mounting loses perhaps) apathy has set in. There is nothing much to read, listen to or watch with this team. Have we finally reached the saturation point in coverage or is it just that things are so bad there is nothing really to write about. For years it was management and ownership. With Burke in place it seems that the MSM can’t go there anymore so…….what do they do? By the looks of things lately- not much. It’s as if everyone is waiting for Master Burke to act, the other shoe to drop so to speak. I guess we all know it is coming- it’s just a matter of when right?

Let’s hope for my own sanity it is soon.



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