Did Gary Roberts Take A Shot At Ron Wilson?

Well this certainly came out of left field didn’t it? Take a listen to this interview of Gary Roberts (from 640 Toronto) and listen to him take a shot at the Leafs off season workout regimen. Raises lots of questions about what Robert’s intentions are, the guys is apparently smart, to take a shot like this has to be pre-meditated, he had to know what he was doing and saying and that it would likely show up everywhere…

Take a listen here:

gary roberts


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    All is lost and I think Leafs Nation has become indifferent. Way to go Wilson, way to go Burke. Thanks for the memories or nightmares.

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    I don’t know enough about the topic but….Roberts seems to know what he is talking about…if true, I hope Burke recognizes the error and does something about it…heck, hire Roberts as a conditioning consultant.

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    According to Jonas Siegal’s twitter feed (@jonas640), “Wilson says Gary Roberts comments respectfully off-base.”

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    gary roberts is the chuck norris of hockey 🙂