Does Ron WIlson Have An Obligation To Speak?

First Ron Wilson says he doesn’t want to be known as a loser and then he says he doesn’t want to speak to the MSM. 2 questions for you, first, the easy one, does anyone blame the guy for not wanting to talk ever day, answering the same questions over and over again? Didn’t think so. Second, is Wilson obligated to do so? Does Wilson have to stand with his back to the wall answering the exact same questions every day asked by the same group of guys? Or, is he in the alternative allowed to wave the hand, and refuse to comment?

It says here that despite what ever obligations the MSM may think Wilson has, he is well in his rights to shut his trap from time to time. His team is 3-16 and the questions are no less repetitive or in the least bit creative so why the hell should he be forced to suffer through it every day. This isn’t a market where PR is hard to come by, the leafs have lots of guys who can speak so that Wilson doesn’t have to be the voice every day. I don’t have a problem with Wilson’s silence at all.

Take a look here for a good theory on what is ailing the Maple Leafs and why/how Burke is going to deal with his problems. Personally, i think the vets should be sent to the minors and you deal with the recoverable waivers at the time. But that’s just me.

“The bigger question around the Leafs is how much longer general manager Brian Burke will choose to function in a state of virtual paralysis. Burke was lassoed from Anaheim and handed the keys to the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment vault not to sit idly while his team transitions from mediocrity to hopelessness. I’ve seen happier faces on a bottle of Iodine than the one Burke is walking around with these days, and it cannot possibly be more than another week or two before he starts taking whatever measures are available to him in the NHL’s restrictive salary-cap system.”

Interesting take by Berger in his blog. Predictable but interesting. Howard is no genius, he sees (when he goes to games) what we all see:

“How much longer will Burke tolerate Jason Blake, with two goals in 19 games?

Has Rickard Wallin proven he’s better prepared to make an impact – even a minor one – in the NHL today than he was in a failed attempt with Minnesota half-a-decade ago?

Is there any purpose in carrying Wayne Primeau and Jamal Mayers on the same floundering team?

Will Nikolai Kulemin ever show, for more than a few minutes, that he isn’t figuratively on some distant planet?

What service is Garnet Exelby [10 games, no points, minus-7] providing the Maple Leafs?

Can a player in the NHL possibly waste more energy and motion than Mikhail Grabovski?”

Where stay at home Berger fails, is offering solutions. A true insider does that. It’s very easy to sit back and identify the problem. What separates the pretenders from the real deal are those who can suggest fixes. That’s not to suggest any of them will be done, but at least it shows that the author has the ability to make suggestions and not just point out the obvious.

Well, tomorrow night is the nhl early season toilet bowl take 2. Leafs v Canes- bet the over



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