Reality Setting In For Brian Burke

Interesting reading about the sudden reprieve the Toronto Maple Leafs apparently bought themselves by defeating the Washington Capitals the other day. The moves that were imminent prior to the game vs. the Caps has been put on the back burner by Brian Burke because the buds beat the Caps? Please. I don’t buy it. Whatever Burke plans on doing won’t be the result of any one game, winning or losing. Likewise, he won’t take 2-5 guys out back and shoot them either as a result of the effort.

Instead what Burke must slowly be arriving to is the conclusion that his team has a ways to go before it can be considered one of the elite teams in the league. The evidence is so clear and now you are starting to see both Burke and Wilson confirm it in their words.

Burke the other day was quoted as saying that in his opinion the team had been “trying so hard”. Tonight, after the Leafs lost to the Islanders, despite throwing some 60 shots at the Islanders, Wilson said almost the same thing, “What can you say?” said Ron Wilson. “They hung around long enough and got a break. We made a bad play in our end and we ended up losing the game, but I can’t fault the effort of our players.” (Thanks to Jonas for that…)

So, despite solid efforts, the team just can’t win. What conclusion do you have to arrive at when everyone is trying their best and still not accomplishing the goal? Well, it’s that their best just isn’t good enough. The team that Burke has assembled simply doesn’t have the horses to compete night in and night out. One would have to think that by this stage, Burke knows exactly what he has, and what he is missing. The time is now for him to start adjusting by making moves, especially with injuries to John Mitchell and Vesa Toskala.

I am sure, the MSM will be back in full “change” force tomorrow- I mean the day after the almighty reprieve and the team is back in the loss column, surely another 1-2 scouts were in the audience to watch the Leafs vs. the Isles (some reporters said upwards of 19 scouts were in the house) So- let’s see the great rumors that those in the ACC pressbox result in.

Meanwhile, Stay At Home has one of the more useless blogs here– talk about writing about nothing- seesh

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