What A Surprise- Berger Out To Lunch

Stay at home Berger has a post about the “Burke” story of the week.

I’ve wondered – since the outset – why Brendan’s personal affairs are business. He is a law-abiding citizen, and should therefore have the same right as any of us to determine, without apology or defense, his druthers toward religion, political following and sexual orientation. Given the stigma that continues to surround homosexuality in our increasingly permissive society, it would have been entirely reasonable for Brendan to maintain his private posture.”

I “bolded” the first part simply, because I am not entirely sure what SAH Berger means. My guess is that he is wondering why Burke Jr.’s personal life is public. The answer to that question is in all the interviews that both Burke and his son have given since the story broke. Brendan chose to go public with story for very personal reasons. That’s his choice and he has let it be known his reasons since he talked to ESPN first.

Why it is such a big story is very easy to ascertain too, his Dad is Brian Burke, the GM of the Maple Leafs, he is one of the bigger names in management in hockey and is in the biggest market in the sport. It’s quite stunning that SAH even goes there…

“Now, I’m certain both he and Brendan would like to shelve the subject and return to the privacy of their family lives. We should grant them that respect.”

Is he kidding?

Shelve the subject? You mean like Tiger Woods would like to shelve his little car accident? Hey, I am going to go out on a limb here but I am sure that Brian told his son that once Brendan goes public he will never be able to “shelve it”. Not only that, but given the profession of Brian, his wife and Brendan you can bet that they threw the term “private lives” out the window a long time ago. I also am quite sure that they fully expect to be asked about this issue for a long long time.

As for respecting that wish, I don’t think anyone will be offside for asking about it either. Brendan has chosen his path and that didn’t include privacy. He had that before and actively chose to “come out”. Don’t get me wrong, Brendan deserves to have his life and be afforded the same privacy that we all do. But once you make yourself a very public figure that comes with a cost.

For SAH to think otherwise is off base.



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