Blame Damien For Maple Leafs Start

Now you see that wasn’t so hard was it. All it took to get this team rolling, just a little bit was the proverbial write off by Damien Cox. Since Damien Cox wrote the this team is really bad and that’s good because at least there is no hiding it anymore, the Buds have played respectable hockey. Now, Jolly Jonas mentioned the “P” word on the radio tonight and well that’s just plain silly. Let’s see this team play 500 the rest of the way and well, that would be one hell of an improvement from the start of the season.

We can’t get ahead of ourselves a small string of games with W’s or hard efforts is meaningless in the grand scheme of things if they are sustained and carried on long term. It would have been so much easier if Cox predicted horrible things for this team right from the get go no? I have to believe his playoff prediction jinxed the team don’t you?



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