No Right Call On Maple Leaf Gardens

Sorry for the absentisim of late. I have been traveling a ton and am sitting at Pearson right now enroute to Calgary.

I read with great interest in the Toronto star yeaterday Rosie’s article on maple leaf gardens. The gist of her article was that having grown up sneaking into and then gaining her sports writing stripes at the Gardens she isn’t happy to see the old place become a loblaws. She then went on to say how it is nothing against the folks at ryerson either. Her story ended with how the last thing that the city needs is another large grocery store in the core.

So, this may not be the popular view but I for one don’t think old buildings like the gardens should be preserved, at least not by a government entity. Los of other great sports buildings have been torn down around the world why should the Gardens(where I too grew up, spending most Saturday nights there) be any different?

Having said that, once a building is preserved, who cares who the tenant is? I mean, once your keeping it around for historical purposes, should the eventual interior use really matter? How do we dictate? Would it be better used as a movie theatre? A bank? Ikea???

There is no right answer and you aren’t going to please everyone, that’s for sure. When I go to Detroit it’s hard not to feel a little sad when you see all the old buildings sitting abandoned. I drove by the old gardens last Saturday night pointing it out to mrs tsm. It was similarily sad sitting their vaccant. So many memories, mostly good, of a time past. Yet the building doing nothing.

So while there is some humor in buyig diapers, steaks and vegetables at the gardens, the decison was made to keep it standing. Once that was done, most uses are acceptable, an won’t be entirely popular.

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