Sportsnet Hit’s One Out Of The Park

I know I can sometimes be too in love with nostalgia, however this time it’s different. Rogers Sportsnet’s hiring of former Toronto Blue Jays player, manager and broadcaster Buck Martinez is nothing short of a homerun for fans of the ball club. Where hiring of Cito, and trying to bring back others from better days was cheered in this corner, the reality is, for the most part it was nothing more than an attempt to sell tickets to a team in dire need of a boost in revenue column.

This, however is different. Martinez is good at what he does and is not simply being hired to draw fans cause we used to like him. His tenure as manager wasn’t overly positive and therefore his hire should be viewed on the merits as hiring a good analyst for the product that has been badly missing since he left.

We (or at least me) are usually quick to slam the locals for that which they have done, this time they deserve all the credit.



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