Buffalo Bills & Phoenix Coyotes?

I read this gem from Steve Simmons latest and last pieceof 2009:

“And I don’t know what’s worse for the NHL, keeping hockey in Phoenix or exploiting a Canadian market to prop up an American franchise.”

Now fans of the Buffalo Bills, don’t get all defensive on me here, and I know that the bills are much more popular than the coyotes, I know that there is a storied history in buffalo. I know that Bills fans, at least the most vocal aren’t happy about a game being played in toronto.

I know that many of them view the bills playing in Toronto as a cash grab by the Bills owners. However to listen to Bills officials tell it they are simply tryig to expand their market from one that has suffered greatly during tough economic times to one that has proven to be more resiliant.

Given all of that, couldn’t we say how shameful that a Canadian market is being exploited? I mean we are right, we have the deeper pocketed businesses that were willing to shell out for the game right? If we are being exploited for the NHL and Phoenix, doesn’t it ring true that we are on the case of the Bills too?

One last comment on the Bills in Toronto. This hasn’t been a failure for the NFL in Toronto. What it has proven is that Toronto isn’t so much a Bills town as people thought. We weren’t going to brace their team a our own just because it was being played here. The actual game weren’t enough of a draw and the bills aren the home team here. Hell, put the colts and pats here, call it a neutral site game and let’s see what happens. Toronto has always been an event city. The games haven’t been much of an event. In the alternative, give us our own team (not theirs) and you can bet it will be an event that will sell out long enough to generate a fan base when the team is good.

Happy sunday


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