Argos Fire Andrus

The Toronto Argonauts have fired 3-15, 1st year Head Coach Bart Andrus.

Many in the media can honestly say “I told you so”…as there were lots of scratching heads when the X-Titans assistant coach was hired.

I didn’t watch as much CFL football this years as I have in the past but all accounts were that this team went backwards and made matters worse when they alienated stars such as Arland Bruce III and Byron Parker.

I know Adam Rita has done a lot in this league over the years but one has to believe his days are numbered as well.  Perhaps he can stay on as an advisor but they need someone to bring in talent.  I don’t think they’ve had a star Quarterback (correct me if I’m wrong) since Doug Flutie! 

Anyway, all the best to Bart in his future endeavours…Let’s hope Bob Nicholson starts to make some solid moves with this organization.  I know it’s the CFL but…it can be a fun game to watch if you have a decent team.


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