Don Cherry Shows His True Colours

Now listen here kids, right now, ya see, listen here:

don cherry


Here’s my 2 cents, and I am sure I am in the minority. What Dr. Tator said is entirely accurate. Don Cherry’s segments and his rock em sock em hockey has played a role in the number of shots to the head in hockey. Like it or not, Grapes preaches it. He may also preach not hitting from behind and stop signs and other safety things as well, however, having spend too much time in youth arenas listening to parents and coaches talk about the game the night before, 9 times out of 8 they are talking about the fight, or the hit as opposed to the goal or the pass. I hear more references to Grapes with respect to fighting and hitting then anything else, next comes his dislike for most european players.

To be fair, Don Cherry is a sales guy, he is all about selling his side show. No one would give a rats ass about him if he didn’t have a shtick and we all know what his is. So he likes rough and tumble hockey so what- take the good with the bad.

Having said that, I can’t wait to hear Grapes response to this clip telling a reporter to !@#@!#! off and saying he doesn’t give a @!#!@#!@ about a fairly well respected neurosurgeon…All Class that Grapes- In case anyone was the least bit confused about who Don Cherry is, he has shown his true colours with this clip…Nice Canadian boy….



Thanks to the Globe for the clip.


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    Personally, if someone says that I’m “a negative influence” on hockey, and that I preach “aggressive, lack-of-respect hockey”, when really I preach fast-paced, hard-hitting hockey, I probably wouldn’t take too kindly to the guy. Go read these links and tell me that Cherry preaches head-hunting:,208327

    Looks more like he’s arguing that the instigator rule should be abolished so that players who think of finishing their check up high will have to suffer the consequences of dealing with a Derrek Boogaard type player.

    You can have physical hockey, with respect and without head shots.

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    LeafFan198911 years ago

    Thats a prick right there. I used to be fairly neutral on the guy but this is too much. He should atleast act civilized and say i have nothing to say or something along the lines but this is just a boneheaded move

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    jaredfromlondon11 years ago


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    it may take another 20 years but eventually most people will look back on the later Cherry era with the same kind of scorn and distaste with which we now view other forms of bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

    there’s a line between dumb-jock and vindictive self-centred asshole and Cherry is on the wrong side of it.

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    No sir, I don’t agree. Cherry promotes hard-hitting, aggressive but smart hockey. He doesn’t promote head-hunting or other cowardly ways to get players injured. He does also promote skill much more than you suggest.

    You certainly don’t have to like Don Cherry or his act but please don’t suggest he’s promoting head shots, that’s just disingenuous.

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    I usually agree with what you have to say, but your off the mark with criticising cherry. If these intellects would actually look at the message that cherry has been pushing for years they would see he is a great advocate for injury prevention. He has led the stop campaign for almost a decade as well as calling for rule changes for no touch icing and reduction on elbiow pads. He makes fun of guys with visors, maybe if this doctor was a oral surgeon he could have a more legitimate beef with cherry.

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    Matt Roberts11 years ago

    This is total horseshit, when will people stop trying to blame everything violent about hockey on Don Cherry. The guy has been involved in the game for a long time and he comes from an era where the ‘code’ was alot different. It’s real easy to blame an old man from a different era for all the headshots and concussions in hockey and not point the finger at the players or the NHL. They are the ones who play the game and enforce the rules, not Don Cherry. The NHL routinley lets dirty hits and dangerous players go uncalled and unpunished, thats not Cherry’s fault.

    Seriously, why would this reporter go to cherrys house and ask for a comment only to be told to fuck off and the guy puts it all over the internet anyways. What kind of journalism is that? Thats not newsworthy, all he had to do was say that Don had no comment.

    If I was Don Cherry id be fucking pissed as well, the guy cant wake up and read the paper without someone blaming him for everything wrong in the world.

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    Beside the word contradiction or dichotomy in the dictionary, there must be a picture of Don Cherry.

    He spends considerable time talking about no-touch icing, sucker punches, hitting from behind (he is behind the STOP sign on the back of kids jerseys)…and the dangerous equipment that players wear today (elbow or shoulder pads that are more like weapons).

    But we all know that Cherry is no angel…His (and others like Burke by the way) endorsement and promotion of rough play (especially fighting) drives players (especially young players) to go overboard…to get the respect of hockey g-ds like himself (and Burke, Bobby Clark and others). Therefore, there is no doubt that he is part of the problem.

    The key word being “part”. Dr. Tator (who we should all respect for his years of work in this field) may have been right but I think he picked the wrong guy to single out. Tator should have gone after Gary Bettman and others that can make a difference.

    The league has presumably had plenty of opportunity to work with the NHLPA to implement equipment, rule and disciplinary changes to make a difference on this topic.

    What about the OHL/QMJHL/WHL? The CHL? AHL?

    It’s too easy to put this on Cherry….If head injury is a real problem, the finger needs to pointed at those that have the power to make change.


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    I heard an interview with Scott Moore on a non – Rogers station that gave a little more perspective on this interaction. The reporter had been told repeatedly that Mr Cherry did not want to comment. He persisted in pushing the issue and got told to “fuck off” for his troubles. If somebody asks me something repeatedly and ignores my answer, they’re gonna get to hear “fuck off” too. Furthermore, the G & M apparently was against running the clip because it did not meet their standards for journalism. When it was leaked, Mr Douchebiggon was free to thump his chest about what a bad guy Don Cherry is. Connect the issue of violence in hockey to the reaction to being pestered for an answer is merely an easy way to paint someone with the same brush.

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    I really do not understand why any of this is a news story. Some reporter harassed Cherry, he told him to F off, its over. Why does Cherry need to be raked over the coals, and why does the reporter need to be disciplined?

    Whole bunch of nothing here.

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    Big al t11 years ago

    Mr Cherry, your display on hnic last night was just plain “old fashioned” european hockey. wah wah wah. Take your lumps and either make no comment{the american legal way} or meat the Doctor who has only ever heard the 15 second sound bites about canadian style hockey that you are the odd little guru of{the Canadian way}.

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    I am a proud Canadian and I think Canada is the best damn country in the world. At the same time I think Don Cherry is a national embarassment to all of us. How does the biggest bigoted redneck fucking asshole on the planet become a national hero? Are we Canadians that stupid that we actually support this complete moron? We need to give our heads a shake.