Prospect in Halladay deal flunks physical

According to media reports, including the Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliott, one of the players involved in the Roy Halladay deal has failed their physical.

Initially, it was thought to be Canadian pitcher Phillippe Aumont, who is heading to Philly from Seattle. Now reports say that it’s outfielder Michael Taylor, who will be heading to Oakland via Toronto. The thinking here is the deal gets done anyway, unless the problem is serious. And if top prospect Kyle Drabek is the guy with the problem, it’s possible the whole thing falls apart.

Still, Philadelphia’s GM Ruben Amaro Jr. is in love with Roy and he’ll do everything in his power to see this deal through. Likewise, the Jays will be out of options if this trade turns sour.

There’s simply too much at stake to kill this deal, but things don’t look as clear as they did this morning.

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