Toronto Maple Leafs Live Vs. HDTV

I happened to be at the Acc for tonights battle between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs. First the good:

I thought Kulemin had one of his best games as a leaf.

Jason Blake cutting to to the middle was shocking to see, if he did it more often he would have more than the 7 goals he has from the perimiter.

The play of the night was Tomas Kaberle jumping the guy on the bruins fo trying to decapatate Matt Stajan. TK, who looks like he may weigh 100lbs dripping wet instantly jumped the guy before anyone else on the buds had a chance. That has to greatly improve his presence in the lockeroom.

Gustafsson got his first shutout, the buds ther first in 2 years.

And now, the rest of the story:

With the exception of the last 10 minutes or so it was a dreadful game to watch. It had no tempo, no flow, no high or lows.

The officiating was horrific. One of the Leaf players in the third got hauled down right in front of the referee who did nothing but wait 30 seconds to make a marginal call on Matt stajan.

Lastly, I know I am going to take shut for this but….. I happen to have a really nice tv at home. The HD picture is fantastic. The sound is crisp. My couch is really comfortable. The food is good and reasonably priced. I get to listen to the commentary and best of all I get to see the replays. Lastly, on most occasions I don’t have to wait in line to go to the can standing in urine drenched floors.

No really, as I sat and watched the game, I started to ask myself what was really different. At home I wouldn’t be watching with close to 20000 people, but I also wouldn’t be listening to most of the moronic comments I hears all night. I certainly wouldn’t have to listen to those oh so creatve bruins suck chants.

So other than the ambience, what am I missing when I am at home? It was, I have to admit really annoying tonight when Stajan got belted notorious have the benefit of the replay OR the commentary. From our vantage point it looked like Stajan was bleeding lien crazy and that Kaberle was first to his rescuse. Stajan returned almost immediately, and Pony got the penalty not Kaberle. Having to text message LT to find out what the hell was going on was a pain.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time. Instead the home environment has caught up with the live version. Of course you can never fully replace the sounds, the smell, the atmosphere of the live game. We are getting damn close at a fraction of the price. It’s good and it bad.

Special thanks to CP for the ducats to tonights tilt. It was a ton of fun and brought back tons o memories of the 80’s!



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