Observations From Pittsburgh

Awesome night here in Pittsburgh. At 6pm we headed over to a pub to grab a bite to eat before the penguins took on the devils. Wow what a mob scene. I kid you not, every person in the place (except us) were wearing a pens jersey ( little tsm was wearing his Crosby t-shirt).

The tv’s were all focused on pens hockey and it’s all everyone was talking about. It was really great to see.

When we got to the same it was more of the same. The fans were totally in to the game. Maybe it’s not the nicest rink, maybe it doesn’t have the nicest suites, the prettiest concessions, but man do their fans get into their pens.

Lastly, whomever does the buying for the Maple Leafs stores clearly buys from different suppliers than they do here. The pens merchandise is much nicer than the crap sold at the acc. They have a ton of variety in shapes and sizes that normal people would actually wear.

Even though the home team got smoked, and Martin Brodeur got his shutout record, it was a really fun night. For those who haven’t been to a game here yet, it’s a really easy drive and a hell of a lot more exciting than the drive to Montreal or Detroit.

A great night in Pittsburgh


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