Winter Classic? I’ll Pass

So I’ve seen some pretty hilarious blogs over the couple of days as they relate to the upcoming outdoor NHL hockey game.

My favorite was the one suggesting that the game be played every year at Boston’s Fenway Park! I haven’t stopped laughing at that one. The comparisson to the Detroit lions hosting of thangsgiving football was brilliant.

Then there are the numerous blogs across the NHL clamoring to host a winter classic. Pittsburgh seems to be the city drumming loudest for this one. These blogs are quite funny too.

I know I am scroodge on this one, but to the winter classic I say bah humbug! First time was cool, now it’s boring. Just my opinion, but I can tell you if Toronto gets one, count me out. I spend enough hours watching little TSM in freezing arenas, I don’t need to pay to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play in our elements.

I will say it again, play one at the old Maple Leaf Gardens, I am in. As for the winter classsic………

Count me out

From Port Orange Florida


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