Hockey South Florida Style

Greetings from sunny south Florida. Pardon the couple of days of silence, but I have to admit it’s nearly impossible to get much Toronto sports news or even hockey news in these parts.

Consider if you will that my hotel is comprised of at least 50% canadians, of which the majority are Torontonians (based on the number of toronto maple leaf hats and tshirts around the lobby and pool). Yet Im thinking that the vast majority are using this stay as a vacation from more than winter back home, seking shelter from our sports teams. While they are wearing the logo’s of our teams, no one is following what is going on the ice or the court. A tour through the lobby as an experiment asking those wearing Toronto garb if they knew how the leafs or raptors did over the last couple of days resulted in blank stares, one guy said please don’t remind me. I asked a few people if they heard any wjh scores and they said Gasp- no interest while I am here.

So I went to the concierge to see if he could get me Florida panthers tickets for this afternoons game, I was met with “who”

We watched the local news the last couple or days to get our fill of terrorism updates and not a menion of the panthers or team USA at the toruney. To be fair I haven’t picked up a local paper. The only sign that I have seen that the panhers actually exist is a billboard on I 95 near my hotel. We took our kids to sawgrass mall yesterday afternoon and despite the fact the arena is “around the corner” we saw no evidnce of a team. I went into 2-3 sports stores and found no panthter items for sale.

So but for Twitter (a daily glance) and a quick review of my rss reader I’ve reached the conclusion hockey is further down the list then when I lived here back in 1997 to 2000. The test will come today and tonght when they play. Unfortunately for the cats, so too do the heat and dolphins.


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