Damien Is So Right

Further to my article of last night, others are also seeing the serious flaws in the pro game as exposed by the “kids” in the world junior championship:

“This, needless to say, is a problem the NHL runs into when its brand of sports entertainment s juxtaposed with the world juniors or, as will be the case next month, the Olympics. By comparison, the NHL looks mechanical, passion-less and full of phony theatrics.”


Now granted there isn’t much more entertaining than a game 7 of the NHL playoffs, but the regular run of the mill NHL regular season game like we witnessed either of the last 2 nights when the Toronto Maple Leafs played is just plan old dull.

“Sad thing is, this is where so many of those fine youngsters who competed in that glorious gold medal game on Tuesday in Saskatoon are headed. Whether they want to or not, they’ll be playing in a league that in mid-season too often is part-hockey, part-Gong Show.”

Let’ hope that as the kids move up the ranks to the NHL, the game will improve with higher skill players and less Jamal Mayers types.



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