Ron Wilson Should Stick A Sock In It!

Is it me or has Ron Wilson picked up where JP Ricciardi left off? Did these two go to the same PR and motivational schools? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what the hell the fans think of a coach. It matters even less when they are winning. Every time I read a quote from Ron Wilson lately, I want to strangle the guy, or at the very least stick a sock in his mouth.

“”You have one (expletive) goal in your last 10 games,” Wilson said to Kessel.”

From where I am sitting, there is no problem for a coach to rip one his players in front of his teammates. It’s not my preferred method, embarassing a guy, but lots use it. What I don’t get is doing it within earshot of the entire throng of media hounds hanging around watching practice. I once worked for a real SOB. He constantly reduced people to tears in his office. However outside that office, to the rest of the company, no one would say a bad thing about anyone on his team, he defended everyone like they were his kids. You want to embarrass your star player in front of his teammates, wouldn’t it be smarter to do so behind a closed locker room door?

“”We do it here because I’m pissed off, okay?” he said. “You do need a kick in the rump once in a while. Then we’ll see how people respond.”

You have to believe Wilson rubs his dog in it’s pee when it has an accident. I always thought coaches, including Wilson tried to create an environment of us against the rest of the world. Isn’t is kind of hard to establish that attitude when you treat your players like ass?

“”Actually at the end of the day, you guys shouldn’t even watch us practice,” Wilson said to the assembled scrum on Thursday. “This is the only sport where the media will report what you said to a player on the field of battle. You can’t do it in football, baseball or basketball. How many basketball practices have you ever been to? None.

“This is our office and it should be off-limits.”

i have no problem when guys rail on the press when it is deserved, here the pool did nothing wrong but show up. If Wilson prefers to work in an environment where there is only 1 or 2 writers, there is a league full of cities where he can beg for attention. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the oven.

“”We’ve got to compete harder,” Wilson said to reporters afterwards. “Not compete when we’re down 2-0. Compete from the start. Don’t get going when the score is five- or six-to-one. Compete all the time and consistently. That’s what we’re going to have to do if we want to be a competitive team.”

If the team doesn’t have the commitment to compete, isn’t that an attitude problem? Who is responsible for that attitude? I mean this isn’t Wilson’s first year here. He’s had this group for a while now. His team the other night looked as bad as the bunch did during the Paul Maurice era- which was about as bright as the John Brophy era.

I am curious what Wilson does if Kessel reacts to his lashing the same way Kaberle did to his benching? I mean what if it has a negative effect. What if instead of 10 bad games, Kessel quits on Wilson, says screw you and mails it in? I am not suggesting he will, but what if? I wonder if Wilson discusses these things with Burke et all before lashing out.

I have no problem with Wilson as a coach, I just really prefer he just shut up and coach, that’s all.

TSN’s story on Wilson is here



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