The Sun Will Come Up…..

Pardon the Annie reference, but hey bet your bottom dollars that there will be sub today! The Toronto maple leafs won last night. It wasn’t a cheap, goal off the ass win either. It was one to be proud of. Tyler Bozak, Phil kessel and Vesa Toakala were the big names of the night and hell even Greg Brady’s fav Luke Schenn potted a goal as the Buds defeated the Philadelphia Flyers -blanking them even.

So, yes for one day we can raise our heads, the world isn’t shitting on again today. Enjoy it for what it is. One small tiny game. The old addage of never being as good as your last win or as bad as your last loss comes to mind.

It’s one game that is, in the grad schem of things meaningless. But let’s enjoy it as we aren’t going to get to enjoy much for a long time around here leafs fans.



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