HNIC Should Be Embarrased!

There was a time and a place where hockey night in Canada was the undisputed heavyweight in hockey broadcasts, but after watching tonight Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers game, man have times changed ant not for the better!

Let’s start with the audio. If they didn’t show Bob Cole and Greg Millen (with the guy from Cheers named Paul on the computer)in the booth, I would have bet they were in someones basement doing the play by play via a string and tin can.

As much as I love Bob Cole he was brutal tonight. He totally butchered the English language all night. As for Millen, will someone tell him that the guy who played in net tonight for the leafs name is not Gooose tuvsson. Similarly, his analysis was brutal. His classification of the last goal as a big turnover by Tyler Bozak was just plain wrong. He also slammed Gunnerson (whom he calls Goonerson) for leaving the zone. The leafs were losing and time was running out, the ex goalie needs to stop defending the “union” as goalies do at times do make mistakes.

The hot stove used to be one of my favorite segmeta was weak at best. Besides a shot at Bruce Garrioch it was a total waste of time. The first part rehashing the Canucks vs Ron maclean wasn’t the least bit interesting. I miss John davidson on those segments and god please make mike milbury a Gm again soon, the leafs need him to be running a team.

Tonights game was hockey at it’s worst, and that had nothing to do with Maple Leafs losing. It was dull, boring and painful, as someone said on Twitter, a return to hockey in the mid 90’s it’s no wonder no one goes to games in the south!

Meanwhile, HNIC has a lot of work to do, tonights broadcast was as bad if not worse than the game itself.


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