We should demand more

If I were in a US market where the non traditional hockey team was making strides and the traditional basketball team were down in the dumps again, I would hope that the local press would shine the light where it is deserved.

We consumers in this town let the sellers of information off to light. Our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs lost there last three games to bad teams in Atlanta, Tampa and sunrise. Our basketball team won it’s last 2. yesterdays game was fantastic, a nail biter down to last shot against the league best LA Lakers. The ACC was buzzing like a Mapl Leas playoff game. The Toronto Sun had the Raptors on page 6 of the sports page! Page freaking 6!

That’s after the leafs and the NFL. Now, you know I love the NFL. I want a team here. The same paper that editorializes on the failure of the games that have been here now puts a league that in their own words can’t make it here ahead of the NBA Toronto raptors???? When they are finally making noise!!!!!!

That’s messed up. Again, I love the leafs, I’m a huge NFL fan, but our one hope for any type of success may be on the brink and page 6??????

It’s unacceptable.

I love that the Vancouver Canucks aren’t talking to HNIC over pompus Ron gate. I’d love to see the Raptors do the same to the Sun, but the Raps need the attention.

We fans have to demand better quality.



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