Apple’s Ultimate SportsTool? Islate itablet effect on sports

Ron Wilson, head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs is said to be a but of a tech geek. That is, he uses technology, computers and videos to help him coach the Maple Leafs. Now, given his record with the current club, including yet another embarassing effort last night to the LA kings, one may snicker, however I am pretty sure that the War Games Whopper couldn’t help this group.

Today could be an important day for the hands on tech coach like Wilson. Steve Jobs will be introducing the Apple Tablet, itablet, islate or whatever it may be called later today. The device is said to be the most exciting product to ever come out of Apple and do for portable computers what the iPod did for music. The assumptions are that it will be the portable culmination of video, audio and text with a large enough touch screen complete with some degree of wifi or wireless capabilites.

Now Wilson’s group uses some sort of contraption to show the guys on the bench things from time to time. My bet is that this device is going to blow whatever contraption Wilson uses out of the water. In fact I have heard a few execs with tech interests say that this could have as profound effect on coaching as the introduction of video itself to sports.

Imagine the possibilities for coaches to show video on the bench or sidelines in near HD quality only seconds after the play is complete from a myriad of different angles. The amount of statistics that a coach could know have access to in real time is staggering if the device is half of what is being rumored.

Have you seen in football games where. Photos are delivered down to the sidelines via a variety of stoneaged methods? This could make things faster and so much easier and more useful. Forget the instant reply hood, just hand the referees one of these bad boys.

I doubt many will be talking about it in these terms later today. I suspect sooner rather than later this little device will be on benches and sidelines across leagues.

He’ll who knows what it could mean for the Maple Leafs.



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