Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night

College of Sports Media Game of the Night:

On Sunday the Toronto Raptors were in tough up against one of the league’s best with Kobe Bryant and the LA LAkers in town. Tonight is no different when the Raptors welcome Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat to the ACC. How big was the win on the weekend over the Lakers? One would argue that it was only a regular season game – so really not that significant. On the other hand, this one could be closer to the top. Sure, the Raptors have a couple of playoff wins under their belt and a huge win over the Chicago Bulls in their 15 year history, but if the atmosphere in the ACC was any indication – beating LA was special. Remember Bryant did put up 81 on the Raptors. Moving on to tonight, Toronto trail Miami by a half game and have the chance to leapfrog the Heat in the East. The Dinos have won back-to-back at home and are 6-4 over their last 10. Miami on the other hand comes into this one following a last second loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night. Wade turned the Ball over leading to a couple of Lebron James’ free throws to ice the game 92-91. The last this Toronto and Miami went at it was back on December 15. The Heat torched the Raps 115-95. A W would go a long way in continuing to build Toronto’s confidence, especially as they’re jockeying for a playoff position.

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