Pro Bowl before Super Bowl, Ultimate Cart before the Horse

Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl, is the ultimate Cart before the Horse.
If the NFL All Star Game aka The Pro Bowl wanted to be the most irrelevant of the All-Star games, Mission: Accomplished.
Putting the game the week before the Super Bowl, and in the same city does a few things. One, removes the players from the best team, the teams playing the following week in the Super Bowl. Sean Payton and Jim Caldwell aren’t going to risk losing Peyton Manning and Drew Brees to injury for an exhibition.
Second, takes the game from a place that relied on it to stimulate it’s economy. No doubt that the state of Hawaii will take an economic hit from the loss of the game, whether it’s the lack of sold hotel rooms or money spent at local restaurants.
On Hawaii, there isn’t much sports outside of the Rainbow Warriors at the University of Hawaii and aside from seeing many Samoan players playing in the NFL on TV. This was the one chance during the year that they could have the same advantages as the fans living in the other 32 NFL cities, seeing a live game at a normal time, and actually in the stadium. They might go see an NFL game on their vacation, but generally, they would gravitate to the tourist stuff, ie DisneyLand.
Then you get the players, who don’t even want to play in this game. Many have already dropped out due to injuries, others have dropped out due to “injuries”. Titans quarterback Vince Young is a Pro Bowl quarterback this season, after having been benched during the first half of the season.
These games are meaning less and less than what they used to, but networks still continue to dump this content on our TV screens. The move from Hawaii time to Eastern time, worked better for TV.
Who Cares?
It’s a boring game, that lacks the action of a regular game in regards to the hits, (outside of Sean Taylor on Mrian Moorman a few years ago) and the nuances of every game doesn’t exist.
Name Pro Bowl teams, similar to All-Americans in college football. Give players the honour of being name to the Pro Bowl, but don’t actually play the game.
The games have already lost their lustre, not many people will miss them if they go away.

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January 29, 2010 12:39 am

I watch as much NFL as I possibly can…and in 25 years or so of watching NFL, have yet to sit down and watch a pro-bowl.

All the all star games are pretty meaningless, but at least the mid season ones are watchable…and there are some extra treats with the others too…skills competitions like the home run derby, slam dunk contest etc.

Couldn’t even tell you if the pro bowl has side games.

It’s completely meaningless, and probably the only all star game where players actually do risk injury. After all, the NHL all star game is a ‘gentlemen’s affair’.Probably couldn’t have an NFL game without hitting though.

January 29, 2010 10:52 am

I agree that the players and Hawaiins lose out under this arrangment. But I like the move for the die hard nfl fans. While I understand that 2 weeks between AFC/NFC Championship and Super Bowl is necessary, it does suck for the fan to have to wait that long for the big game. At least this gives us something to watch to bridge the gap.

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