Ron Wilson Takes On Howard Berger Again

So we aren’t the only ones who get annoyed when Happy Howard Berger speaks day in and day out, saying exactly the same thing. Jeremy Sandler reports that Ron Wison took on Happy Howie yesterday. I’m in Montreal and so if this is elsewhere I haven’t seen it or heard it:

“All of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ losing hasn’t robbed Ron Wilson of his sense of humour.

The sometimes prickly Leafs coach turned a question from Fan 590 radio reporter Howard Berger on his personal level of optimism into a miniature stand-up routine.

“You ask me this every day Howard,” he said. “It’s like water boarding or Chinese water torture until I crack. I’m not going to crack, I want to win every game. So it does get frustrating when you don’t win. We should send you to Guantanamo, we’d solve all the issues that we had.

“You would drive some of these guys nuts. I would interview these poor guys, the prisoners, after you’ve interrogated them and see what they have to say. It would be fun.”

Man does Wilson have Berger’s number. I guess listening to the same question every day will do that to you. It’s too bad Wilson has to answer the question, winning would solve it, but until that happens his little shots at Berger are brilliant. Brilliant in that sending Berger elsewhere to interrogate would be phenomenal, I think Jack Bauer would love the argyle sweaters or the Miami Dolphins jacket- Berger would be a huge hit on 24.



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