Toronto Sun Got It Right

Anyone happen to see today’s Toronto Sun?  Cover story was the Raptors beating the NY Knicks.  First page stories were all Raptors, first there was the Raptors beating the Knicks and then Chris Bosh making the all star team and the increase of trade rumors involving Chris Bosh.  Page 2 was a Blue Jays story after the Jays held a gathering for season ticket holders.  It wasn’t until page 3 or 4 that the Leafs showed up.

Finally they get it right! I know, the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t play last night and if they did….. well the Leafs didn’t play Sunday night either when the Raptors ended up on page 6 on Monday.

I will try not to harp on this too much anymore, but it shouldn’t be a competition. If the Raptors are the only ones playing, give them their due. If it’s the Leafs, or the Argo’s, Jays or TFC, same thing. It shouldn’t be leafs leafs leafs- and I am a big Leafs fan.



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