Brian burke calls press conference

Toronto Maple Leaf Gm Brian Burke has called an 11:30 press conference to announce a transaction. Rumour swirling about major trade with Anaheim.

More to follow


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    Loving this first trade…moved a few guys who needed moving in Stajan, Hagman and Mayers. Would have liked to keep White, but hey, Dion coming back is great.

    Not only did this team need a shakeup, but it needs a large attitude adjustment, and this really helps in that second area.

    Apparently a second trade with Anaheim coming soon. Toksala going out? One can only hope. Won’t be surprised to see Poni going too.

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    Nealio 10 years ago

    holy crap, holy crap, holy crap….

    wait, is this for real????????????????????

    someone pinch me….this is one for the books!!!!!!