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(I know NESN is a tv network but Edwards happened to be on the radio)

I was in the car today listening to the fan 590 enroute to physio for my rehabbing knee when Jack Armstrong started an interview with Jack Edwards who covers the Boston Bruins for NESN.

I’m not sure if anyone else out there caught the interview, but it was fantastic! It was everything we don’t get from Howard Berger or jolly Jonas siegel.

Edwards (is he the same guy who used to be on ESPN?) was informative, entertaining, opinionated yet respectful and certainly didn’t dump all over the Bruins fans. He called out there management for missing the boat to make a big trade two or three weeks ago, but didn’t sound like a raving lunatic in doing so.

Edwards comes across as Bruins fan but without calling the players by their nicknames, he didn’t have a love in with the hosts most importantly he sounded professional. He also didn’t sound like he had am agenda.

As I listened to Edwards I couldn’t help but be jealous that our radio stations don’t have a guy like this on to talk as the guy who lives, eats and breathes with the club.

Maybe one day we will, for now one can only hope.

I tried to find a link or clip but the fan didn’t have one. If anyone does send it along.



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