Brian Burke At His Best! Morning Show Rebound

shining star

Top of the am folks, last day in the office this am for a week as I am headed over seas Sunday night for a week. (if someone can help out with the radio posts please email, LT isn’t always available).

I was able to catch the bulk of the morning show on the Fan 590 this am. What a difference when Elliotte Friedman sits in for Dan Landry! No, really, forget listentable, forget entertaining, the show was GOOD. If I’m the new guy at the fan I would try to get Elliotte back on the fan as much as possible. I know he is at CBC, but in other cities guys hold 2 jobs and he’s better than many of the guys who do it in those places. He makes Stellick so much better too. I don’t care if Friedman had his cell phone off or not- he’s good to listen too.

The real highlight of the am was their interview with Brian Burke. Burke was ON this am. He answered questions directly, had a little fun with the Devils getting Kovalchuk just in time for tonight’s game (“really nice of Lou to pay back his old pupil”).

Interviews like that, and the entire morning show this am are the reason I am a sucker for sports radio. By the way, for those quick to bash Mike Komisarek, give the interview a listen. The guy dolled out more than 75k of his own money to buy tickets for kids with cancer to attend Leaf games. Quite amazing to hear Bruke tell it. Like a proud papa!

Here’s Burke with the revised morning show:


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February 5, 2010 10:16 am

I agree with you TSM. I thought it was a huge loss to the fan when Elliotte left and wish they could somehow get him back. He and Gord were always good and entertaining together, and he just oozes professionalism and integrity…and can be funny as well, especially when teamed with Gord.

Mike S
Mike S
February 5, 2010 11:49 am

I have always said that Stellick is salvageable if you pair him with the right person…………Friedman is great on radio but there is almost no chance CBC would let him do the morning show every day………..I would love to see it happen but it is wishful thinking

The Burke interview this morning was great…………he was also on with McCown & Brunt on Wednesday and that was great too……….I am actually surprised that Burke was not on PTS or Wilbur’s show on Monday, given the major trades that took place the day before.

I used to cringe whenever I heard JFJ being interviewed on radio (“I cannot confirm or deny that today is Friday”) but whenever Burke is being interviewed I always make sure I try to listen…………….he is very candid and always entertaining………….I loved this line: “I have been here 15 months and things have not improved so I thought I was well within my rights to ship 6 guys out of town on an airplane”

February 6, 2010 1:53 pm

You’re absolutely right, TSM.

Three guys I’d like to hear on The Fan on a more permanent basis: Friedman, Bruce Arthur and Jeff Blair. No idea if any of them have the time, but I’m always interested to hear them when they’re on.

They’re all on the younger side, they’re smart, they’re funny and they can actually talk all 4 sports competently.

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