Not A Great Day For Toronto Radio…Again

I know, I’m an idiot for listening. It’s my own fault, I am, to a degree addicted to sports radio. I’ve said it before (get ready, you may see that a few times again) but I know it isn’t keeping sports talk fresh and interesting day in and night out. A member of my family has been banned from talking about sports because that’s all he does talk about- he has had to sit silently at meals cause he can’t talk sports. So I get that it’s hard and I respect the jobs that those in the biz do. I just wish that there were certain things that were done better. I am, I hope, the first to admit a screw up too by the way… I know I am not perfect either.

So here’s what has me peeved. Leading off tonight is the Bill Watters show. Actually, it’s Bill Watters. I’ve said it before (I warned you), but the guy is so full of bias on so many issues that he should be disallowed from talking about certain subjects(like that family member of mine!). Bill Watters can’t speak about the owners of any team in this town without spewing his bias. His arguments get more and more insane and annoying every time he goes there. Doesn’t matter if it’s MLSE- the Argos boys or Rogers. He just shouldn’t go there. He sounds like a bitter, bitter ex-employee or father of a terminated son. No one wants to hear that AND it makes the old guy so much less credible on other issues.

I’m not defending the Argos by the way, that franchise has dug such a hole and the league’s solution sounds much like filling it in with quick sand. How does anyone take anything that the team is doing seriously while the ownership issue is hanging out there? Seriously, why or how could anyone spend 2 cents on a single game ticket for this team let alone a package or season tickets? There is supposed to be a level of trust between ownership and it’s fanbase, that trust has been totally abused by the Argos.

Down the dial at the Fan things weren’t any better tonight. Kevin Allen was on Twitter around 7pm predicting that a deal with Kovalchuk was imminent. Then around 7:30 the actual deal started to circulate on Twitter. As late of 7:55 the night shift guys at the Fan590 were asking callers whether or not Canada would win Olympic gold????? IF they mentioned twitter, Kevin Allen or the trade I certainly didn’t hear it. Now, if you are going to be talking sports all day, at the very least they should be up on this type of thing. No Toronto team played tonight. It’s not like there was a bigger story tonight. I don’t understand why our only all sports station wasn’t all over this.

As Mike S. pointed out, I was wrong on my facts with the Edwards interview from the day before. I would love to blame the pain medicine, but I am not on any! In any event, take a read at this great article by the Bruins (perhaps homer) play by play guy- I think it’s great.

Sooooooo, Tampa Bay appears to be sold. Who’s next? Reports are rampant that the Dallas Stars couldn’t make payroll and the league was having do so for them. WOW- Where does it end? For more on that story read this excellent review. Does anyone know if the sale of the Lighning pays of the folks with the Detroit Pistons? Hmmmmmmm.

While on the topic of bias on the radio, did anyone listen to Richie Rich MacLean today? His chatting about a new mercedes was annoying enough but to listen to him go on about his old team??????? I kept praying for a transformer to go out at the Rogers campus.

Meanwhile, if you want to feel sorry for someone today, it should be those who are fans of the Atlanta Thrashers. Talk about an abused fan base! How many time does management allow high quality guys to walk for near nothing? Have these guys never thought about being proactive, dealing from a position of strength??????? Man oh man. There is a group of folks who have been loyal to that team and there doesn’t seem like there has been a lot of reciprocity. Check out this article– it tells it like it is.

That’s all I got….

Happy Friday…



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