Toronto Maple Leafs Win 1 For The Burkie

Hoakey or not, you know at some point today, someone or someones in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization suggested that the Maple Leafs put it all together for their President and GM who, well, one can’t really imagine what he is going through right now. His troops did exactly what he would want, pummel the crap out of hated Ottawa Senators, a team who came in riding a 12 game winning streak. To smoke them 5-0 was certainly a nice cherry on the sunday! It was, by far the best game the Toronto Maple Leafs played all year.

The highlight of the night, and perhaps the Maple Leafs season was Colton Orr dropping Matt Carkner like a sack of potatoes in the rubber match of their most recent fights.

As for how the players heard about Brendan Burke:

“We were on the bus and normally the guys just jump off and head right onto the plane, but we all kind of sat there for a few extra minutes, just thinking about what we were told,” Rosehill said. “It was a sad feeling for everybody.” You can read more about the Maple Leafs today and last night here

The game tonight was great to watch and something Leafs fans deserved. It was like a re-coming out party for Luke Schenn who appears to have been reborn since the arrival of Dion Phaneuf. Phill Kessel looked like the player Brian Burke traded for and well, JSG had us wishing they had given up on Toskala late last year!

If you take out Ron Wilson’s brain cramp from last night it’s been a pretty good 3 game start post trade for the Maple Leafs. They played well for 57 minutes last night and dominated games one and then tonight. Tonight was our playoff game. The buds take on the San Jose Sharks for a rare tilt with Ron Wilson’s old team Monday night and then are off until Friday night and a tilt with the St. Louis Blues on Friday night, to close out February. It’s almost too bad given how well, or how different they have been playing since the deals.

Well, it all started last Sunday. What a crazy week it’s been. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring. I am not a betting man, but with the Olympic freeze kicking in Friday here’s betting Dave Nonis get’s little sleep this week.



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