Inside Vesa Toskala’s Brain …..

Is a realty tv show! No, seriously, does thig guy live on another planet? Has he not seen how he performed over the last couple of years while in Toronto?

““I don’t think I’m a back-up,” Toskala said. “I’m not going to complain or anything. If it’s my call, I would play every game because I love to play. When I play a lot, I play my best.”

Huh? Vesa couldn’t be a starter in most minor leagues let alone the NHL. Only in his mind is he not a backup goalie. Calling him a backup goalie is an insult to other backup goalies

“Next, Toskala added a little parting shot. Though he has yet to receive a work visa for the U.S., and so can only practice, he does so wearing a Ducks jersey and a Leafs mask.

Asked when the visor will get a new green-and-gold paint job, Toskala said, “Hopefully soon … So I can wash that blue and white out of my gear.”

I feel pretty comfortable saying that the feeling is entirely mutual. I think Toskala would be very hard pressed to find a leaf fan with any good memories of his stay here (without being totally sarcastic). Vesa, don’t let the door hit you on the way out buddy!

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