Toronto Sports Radio Ratings- January

Greetings from Switzerland. It’s funny how when the Raptors are winning, the Leafs providing hope that their just isn’t ton to talk about in terms of sports media in Toronto. Everyone is saying the same thing on the Argos/CFL, the Blue Jays aren’t a story yet, despite raising the cheap ticket prices… It’s so true how negativity sells. Oh well, let the good times roll.

I haven’t seen this anywhere yet, so if it has appeared I apologize. Here are the ratings for January for sports radio in Toronto.

The first category is for men aged 25-54 in general:

Fan 590 – 4.9
Talk 640 – 4.7

As a comparison:

news talk 1010 – 3.9

As a standalone number/category that’s pretty impressive. I assume that the fan would look at this as the target demographic and to only be ahead by .2 is quite alarming. Consider that the Leafs weren’t much to speak of and 640 only does a few hours of sports per day. Comparatively, one could say that the rest of their programing (non-sports) is popular with guys in this bracket.

Morning show, again men aged 25-54:

640 – 6.8
590 – 6.1

For comparisson:

1010 – 4.3

Is anyone surprised by these numbers? The Fan morning show is a dog. Something has to give, Landry and Stellick are beyond stale. It’s sad that we in Toronto don’t have a quality sports drive to work radio show.

The lunch time shows, at least hour 1 noon-1pm again only for men 25-54:

The Fan’s Hockeycentral – 4.4


640’s Leafs Lunch 2.9

Ouch! I don’t want to keep repeating myself BUT:

Dreger is a great insider. Dreger isn’t a good host. The sooner 640 realizes that too much Watters isn’t a good thing the sooner the numbers will increase. Rotate REAL radio hosts through the lunch hour, talk to the hockey world at large and leave Watters to the Watters show (during hockey season only please). They have enough “insiders” to leave Wilbur to his errands with Cheech and the fellas at lunch time.

Kudos to the fan for winning this battle HANDILY.

By the way, when 640 goes back to non sports, and hour number 2 of hockeycentral kicks in the number grows to 5.3!

It shows you there is a huge appetite for hockey info in the city. It’s all in how you fill the time.

If you look at the pre-drive slots, where the Fan is alone in the sports world with hockey central and the Gameplan, the Fan holds it’s own in comparison to other stations in the same demographic. This isn’t the greatest time slot and it’s a tribute to the guys at the fan for keeping fresh, local content on all day long. I will be curious to see if this number grows should the Raptors continue to play well.

Here are the results from 1-4pm, again men aged 25-54

640 4.6
590 4.5

for comparison:

CFRB 1.9

Ok- the big boys. McCown vs. Watters:

First the same demographic, men aged 25-54

590 8.7
640 4.1

The Bobcat delivers. It’s really that simple. My comments on Wilbur are above, and they hold true. I have to assume that the lack of anything interesting to say about the Leafs in January couldn’t have helped Watters either but, the numbers speak for themselves.

Where it kind of gets interesting, and this is a trend is with the younger guys (18-34). In my opinion this is the Brady factor. The numbers in the same time slot but for the younger guys are:

590 4.7
640 4.4

Now, 640 isn’t winning the race, but it’s a hell of a lot closer then with the older demographic. This is the Brady factor because younger people will relate to his tone, sense of humour etc. as opposed to the show that McCown does. I also wonder if McCown not taking calls cuts into this demographic for McCown.

So, there you have it.

More later.



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