World Focused On Canada

So with the Olympics kicking off, the sports world turns it’s attention to Vancouver. With it of course comes the commentary about those who inhabit the host country. So…. who is saying what about Canadians? Here are 2 interesting reads:

“Theirs is a vast country that in many ways is run like a small town, with small-town values, and it has a highly developed culture of modesty, if not a collective inferiority complex. The athletic record in general is a little underwhelming, and some Canadians think that is because their countrymen prefer that, considering a good effort just as valuable as a trunkload of trophies, maybe better.”

That and more like it from the New York Times author Charles McGrath.

Over at ESPN things are a little funnier courtesy of Rick Reily:

” it’s rained every day I’ve been in Vancouver, athletes are starting to withdrawal because of pruny fingers, and Canadians feel terrible. They’re always saying “Gee, sore-ee about the rain, eh?” Do you realize they’ve been helicoptering snow up to the mountain venues? Who does that?

These people are nice. Preposterously nice. Aunt Bee in mukluks nice. This is a country that has human-chomping grizzlies on every corner and yet chose the furry beaver for its national animal”

I know some are going to be offended, but i think it’s funny as hell. He get’s even better:

“When referring to Elvis, be sure its Stojko not Presley. If you’re talking about acting, don’t forget the god of all Canadian thespians — Lorne Greene from “Bonanza.” If your birthday is August 9, always look at the ground, shake your head and add, “The day Wayne was traded.”

That’s pretty freaking funny….

“Go to Tim’s (short for “Tim Hortons”) and have a double-double (two creams, two sugars) and some Timbits (donut holes) and stand around and talk about curling. This will be a welcome topic. The Canadians are still great at curling.
You: The boys oughta do priddy good, eh?
Him: Oh, sure. The sweeps are beauties.
You: You thinkin’ they might be winnin’ and whatnot, eh?
Him: Boy, would that ever be neat!”

That’s my favourite!

Enjoy the games



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