Cheaters caught in sports? It’s Olympics Time!!!

With the Olympics upon, in case you already didn’t know from the bombardment of commercials on an hourly basis, you knew it was going to be a matter of time before someone or some 30 people were going to be nailed for cheating.
It has happened, and WADA President John Fahey is claiming that testing has improved.
Not so fast.
Has the testing improved in all areas of sports, professional and amateur? Yes it has. Have they caught all of the cheats in every sport? Not a chance.
We have seen this before. The number of cheats caught before the games in Beijing…70. Number caught before Vancouver…30. I see a couple of problems with the logic showing the testing is working. One was obvious, different athletes, different sports, different games. If they were comparing numbers from Turin to Vancouver, then I see the logical comparison.
The other is the same argument that I’ve had with a bunch of people for the last little while.
The cheaters are always somehow going to be ahead of the testing. There are always someone going to be working in a lab trying to find the way to get around the testing. It happens all the time.
Baseball had their steroid problem. MLB started testing for steroids, the ball players went to new and innovative stuff like the cream, the clear, and HGH.
You take away one avenue, someone is going to find another way to their goal.
The Olympics and all sports can throw out all the rules they want and test for everything, as long as there is motivation to win, somone will be willing to take that extra step.

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