USAToday Writer Bashes Vancouver Olympic Opening

When I lived in Michigan, many of my American buddies were always happy to live close to the Canadian border so they could watch CBC’s Olympic coverage. The knock they had on whichever USA network’s coverage was that it was always too American. My friends at least, wanted to see more than just the American athletes. We Canadian’s take for granted the coverage the CBC used to provide. I haven’t been overly impressed with CTV’s coverage so far, but hey it’s early.

Meanwhile, Robert Bianco, the TV critic for USA Today reviewed NBC’s coverage so far in today’s edition. He wasn’t overly impressed with the job VANOC has done so far:

“Nor was it NBC’s fault the Games began with an overlong, flatfooted ceremony made memorable only by its climactic technical glitch. Almost anything would have paled next to the stunning beauty of China’s wildly extravagant pageant, but even on more modest terms, Vancouver’s effort was a banal misfire, straining to convey national identity through bland pop tunes and bad poetry.”

Wow! How do you really feel Robert???

I didn’t watch the opening ceremonies live, I have seen them on my pvr though. To be honest, they were equally as “schmaltzy” as they always seem to be.

I have been flipping back and forth between the networks and NBC is doing what all the US networks do when they buy the rights. They focus on the Americans. Personally, I have reallty enjoyed Dan Patrick’s contribution to NBC’s coverage. On the Canadian side, I have been less than impressed with the play by play coverage I have seen so far. Jamie Campbell and his partner on the snowboarding were BRUTAL today. I didn’t see it but several folks told me that Dutchyshen was unwatchable last night. In following twitter over the last couple of days it seems that majority of people could care less. The Olympic spirit is alive and well, at least here in Canada. People from all walks of life appear to be enjoying the games.

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