Martin Brodeur Fault or No Fault

Something to watch tomorrow in the papers/airwaves. What do expect tomorrow? First, the sky is falling guaranteed commentary, don’t you love when the press rub it in the fans faces, they love to see us suffer I guess. What should be more interesting is how the talking heads handle the Brodeur situation. There will be some pro and some anti. Some will defend Martin and others, well, not so much.

Examples???? Well, Damien Cox was certainly defending his co-author, I mean buddy tonight on Twitter. Conversely, Greg Brady was suggesting that perhaps Mike Babcock erred in his selection of goaltenders tonight. Rest assured who’s to blame for the loss will be issue number one tomorrow. Me? I am thinking Mayor David Miller should resign over this one, it has to be his fault.

Watching all the experts debate this one will be fascinating. I mean Brodeur isn’t the guy most of these guys hate. I think it will be hard for many of them (especially Cox) to take a swing at him.

Another great night for this great game, and yet another example of how hockey is so well covered on twitter.

have a great night/morning



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February 22, 2010 8:54 am

Brodeur made some great saves last night…but unfortunately, he looked “out of control” on occassion and made some bad decisions that lead to goals. While I wouldn’t pin the entire loss on his shoulders, I would definitely make the switch to Luongo…I’d even consider Fleury – all he has done recently is win a cup.

BTW, I’m generally ok with Damian Cox. But one of his tweets really bugged me “And all the anti-Brodeur tweets start to come in. You guys are toooo funny. But don’t le me stop you frrom not understanding the game”.

A bit arrogant don’t you think? Okay Damian…you hockey guru you. You know all.

February 22, 2010 10:24 am

Whoa, Cox was on Fan 590 this morning and he couldn’t help himself to talk about anything but Brodeur. At the end he admitted that one goal was Brodeurs fault. He wouldn’t make the switch but thought Babcock was 75 percent likely to.

Mike S
Mike S
February 22, 2010 3:14 pm

Cox is objective about most things but when it comes to Brodeur he is not……………they wrote a book together, they are friends, they talk to each other on a regular basis.

Same thing goes for Mike Brophy when it comes to Chris Pronger…………..anything Brophy says about Pronger can’t be taken seriously because they are friends.

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