Should History Lead Babcock Back To Brodeur

Lots of fascinating banter this morning about whether or not Mike Babcock should make a switch in net for team Canada’s next game. Here is, in my opinion anyway the most interesting comment and the one that I think leads to the most debate:

“Personally, I wouldn’t make the switch and I don’t think Babcock will change goalies either. Let’s not forget that Brodeur is perhaps the greatest goalie in NHL history, with Stanley Cup championship rings and an Olympic gold medal on his resume. He is only three days removed from making four big shootout stops against the Swiss to preserve a game that the Canadians almost lost. I would be loyal to Brodeur, based on his history.”

That from one of my favourite hockey writers, Kevin Allen from USA Today.

So, what does Babcock do? His decision will be analyzed for a very long time. Personally, I am not a big fan of history. i think history gets you a spot on the team. Performance is all that counts. If Babock thinks that Brodeur is the better goalie and most likely to deliver when counted on then he should go with him. I don’t think history should have anything to do with it.

Allen finishes his article in similar fashion “If Babcock chooses to stay with Brodeur, it will because he’s the best option and not because he won the gold in 2002.”

What say you?

Kevin Allen is here

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