Randy Moss at it Again

Anyone who follows the National Football League knows that Randy Moss has had a rather interesting career. There’s no denying his immense talent, yet he’s run himself out of two NFL cities thus far, and it’s beginning to look like it’ll be a third.

Saturday night, Moss made some very interesting comments regarding his future with the New England Patriots. As reported by both the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, Moss stated the following: “If they want to give me a new contract I would entertain that, but I don’t really think that I’m going to be a New England Patriot next year. So, I’ll play this year out and then look for whatever the future is next.”

To me, this is what’s wrong with professional sports. Players are constantly in contact with the media, and able to voice every single little displeasure they have with an individual or team. Moss was at a charity football event when these remarks were made. I’m not saying Randy Moss shies away from attention, but in the middle of the offseason, he’s just stirring up a little conversation for the water cooler, and more importantly, in the New England front office.

This upcoming season, we’re going to see Randy Moss in two all-important fashions. The first will be the purely gifted wide receiver that he is, able to change a game simply with his presence and abilities. The second is far less desirable, and that’s the Moss who gives up on his teammates and himself. One poor game where he isn’t targeted enough or doesn’t like the play-calling, and Moss will shut himself down, and look to the next chapter in his career.

It’s unfortunate that a player of his skill level is such a hassle. If only he would give the NFL and its fans another season like 2007, in which he set the single season mark for receiving touchdowns. But it is Randy Moss, and he has been in New England for a few years now. He needs to wear out his welcome, alienate himself, and move on to whichever team thinks he may be different in their market. My advice? A one year contract.


– 59 days left until the NFL Draft

– the NFL let Bryant McKinnie off too easily. He only has to pay back just over $4,200  for skipping the Pro Bowl, plus forfeit his $22,500 game cheque. He should be suspended for at least two games. He embarrassed the league, and disrespected the fans by simply skipping out on the game. He should have done what all other players do to get out of the Pro Bowl, get an ‘injury’

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